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In a nutshell

Rayan Habre (January 6, 1986) is a Lebanese musician, composer, songwriter and arranger. He debuted his career in Beirut at the age of 16 by composing his own songs and presenting live music performances on Lebanese stages including the prominent UNESCO theater. He is known for many varied styles of music including oriental, occidental and classical. 

In 2016, Rayan released his first album “Taa’ Ellak” (recorded with a full live band) which became second best-selling Arabic album at Virgin Megastore, Lebanon in less than one month after its release.

In 2019, Rayan was the first Lebanese composer to create the full original music score of the first Lebanese Netflix series “Dollar” He was also commissioned to compose an opening piece for a concert by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra the same year. 

Rayan has been collaborating with many artists in the Arab world. In 2014, he started working with the young Syrian singer Faia Younan and composed her debut song “ouhebbou yadayka” which has more than 16 million views to date). He then became Younan’s band leader and arranger of all her music singles and her nearly 50 concerts worldwide. 

He is also the leader of Khaled El Haber’s Band since 2008.  

During the coronavirus lockdown in April 2020, Rayan wrote and composed a song about the confinement “BEL HAJER EL SOHHI” which immediately became a viral hit and reached more than two million views The song received outstanding reviews and was covered and shared thousands of times on many social media platforms and TVs in different Arab countries. 

Rayan has a long TV experience and has received many commissions for composing jingles and promotions (MBC, Abu Dhabi TV, Aljadeed TV, MTV Lebanon). He served as a primary jury and band leader in Arab Idol, 2012 and X Factor Arabia, 2013. In addition to being the band leader in other TV shows since 2008 to date (“Ashab Njoum”, “Kabset Zerr”, “Hayda Haki”, “Beit el Kell” ).

Beside his music career, Rayan is a cohost and script writer for many comedy tv shows.